A rebellion against international pressure and particularly the ICC and the west might be starting off. Yesterday’s speech from President Museveni of Uganda is testament besides the attendance of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a man reputed as a fervent hater of the west and its instruments. Kenya I dare say might be shaping the start of a new world order and the advancement of a pan-african agenda that will see the US and her lies lose considerable inroads in the continent to the newly formed BRICS organization where South Africa is representing the continent. The organization mark you, represents the world’s fastest growing economies that are a threat to the established and developed economies under the G-8 egoistic blanket umbrella. But that might be no more.

The attendance by South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan was by no chance a mere coincidence. South Africa and Nigeria are the two largest economies of Africa and Kenya joins their rank on the East African region. The trio together with the Arab economies of Egypt and Algeria form Africa’s five regions economic and military powerhouses whose immense influence in the continent is indisputable. Further, the huge delegation of Arab, Asian and South American states governments who sent their senior most ministers or their prime ministers, compounds a situation that is already too complex for Europe and the United States to elucidate let alone deal with.

While the later linger in a tough talk of ‘consequences’ of an Uhuru-Ruto dynamic duo presidency, the rest of the world is coming to grips with the fact that they need Kenya more than even Kenya needs them. A point in case is the strategic location of the country on the east coast of Africa that remains largely untapped. Specifically, the construction of a multimillion dollar inter-state transport corridor through the northern part of the country whose ultimate goal is to form a land bridge between the Atlantic coast and the Indian ocean presents a once in a lifetime opportunity that nobody would dare dream of missing. This explains why the west has slowly rudely awakened from its overdone napping after having had its worst nightmare; the thought of missing out.

Further, the crude oil deposits springing all over the region with the ultimate control resting in Kenya’s infrastructural capabilities that include an operational refinery brings in more to the disadvantage of the west that the rest of the world acknowledges and humbly submits to be inclusive of. Kenya’s position in the world can no longer be underestimated, demeaned or disapproved. The country has become the turning point of virtually the whole of Africa and at this stage it has become apparent to the diplomatic core and their governments that you cannot simply refuse to turn with it. If you do, it is to your own detriment.

This is why, instituting blanket sanctions on Kenya even though its two top leaders are indicted in the ICC becomes technical. Then, any government willing to go down that road will be doing so on its own volition and to its own disadvantage. Having failed to institute the premeditated regime change in the country by installing a ‘friendly’ president who suits their needs, the contingency plan is only at any given time henceforth one of two things; sit back and watch or come on board and get some. What it is going to be is only a function of elusive time.



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